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Restaurant in Capri

Ziqù Terrace. Location, Quality, Beauty

Location, Quality, Beauty. These are the three words that best describe what the Ziqù Terrace Restaurant is about. In fact, dining at the Ziqù is living an experience that embraces the food, the very unique features of the place it is located (the Villa Marina Capri Hotel & SPA’s majestic garden overlooking the sea), the […]


Funny, Fresh and Original. Grilled Octopus with Mediterranean flavoured Salad and Quinoa

Our Chef Cattaruzza’s inventiveness never fails to surprise our guests. Roasted octopus laid down a bed of quinoa salad seasoned with Mediterranean flavours. A fresh recipe to enjoy at lunch while admiring the beauty of the Bay of Naples or at dinner getting enchanted by the colours of the sun setting right behind Ischia island. […]


Speaking about Tradition and Innovation: Risotto alla Pizzaiola

Stuffed Peppers. A traditional dish of the Neapolitan cuisine. Now, what if we just transformed this recipe into something new and unusual? What if, to use some sort of of a professional jargon, we de-structured it and add to it something more? Rice for example? We would obtain ‘Risotto alla Pizzaiola’: à la Pizzaiola Risotto. […]

Ziqù Terrace

The Ziqù Amberjack. The Elegance of Simplicity

We are pleased to present to you one of the dishes that most represents the ability of our Chef, Manuele Cattaruzza, to blend tradition and innovation, elegance and simplicity. This is the Grilled Amberjack with Vegetables. This delicacy is part of our Lunch Menu and perfectly expresses the scents and flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine […]

Ziqù Terrace Restaurant

Beef Tartare, Burrata, Basil Sauce, Crisp Egg. Blending the Chef’s roots and Southern flavours

Beef Tartare, Burrata cheese, Basil sauce, Crisp Egg. At first, it might seem an odd combination of ingredients. Yet, it perfectly expresses the essence of our Executive Chef‘s cuisine. Ingredients rule. As with all the dishes prepared by Mr. Manuele Cattaruzza, this one is made of few ingredients, as rarely treated so that they can […]