Sweet September. When Capri gives its best


A warm, enchanting atmosphere. A time of the year when Capri gives its best.

Forget the peak season’s razzle-dazzle. September is perfect for those who want to enjoy a more relaxed, yet lively vibe, surrounded by luxuriant nature and picturesuqe landscape.

Have you ever heard about the Mediterranean Shrubland? Also know as ‘Macchia Mediterranea‘, Capri is almost completely covered with it. Even local people can never get used to it. The scent that it gets in September, when the soil receives the morning dew, is just inebriating.

The Summer’s bright, vibrant and joyful colours are surely quite something. Yet, September and October’s play of nuances, shades and gradients of colours, turns sunsets into a unique must-live experience.


September is also the month of the grape harvest. The must fills the air with a scent words cannot really describe.

The little streets and alleys of Anacapri town, the upper part of the island, get enlivened with the cheerful vibe created by the many festivals that celebrate the end of the Summer and the beginnings of Autumn.

Just imagine yourself sitting at the table of one of the many characteristic bars and bistrots enjoying, say, some live music while savouring a tasty aperitif.

It comes a time when words are not enough and the only thing one i sleft to do is to is live the experience.

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