5 reasons why choosing Villa Marina as a Holiday Destination

September is approaching and is time to book your late Summer break. Villa Marina stands out among Capri Island’s five star hotels for a number of reasons, which make it the perfect holiday destination.

Here are just five of them.


Villa Marina is just five minute walking distance from the port of Capri. From here our guests are escorted to the hotel by our van or our gorgeous calessino. And takes literally a bunch of seconds.

Despite the proximity to the port, the hotel is a far from the crowd destination, as it rises above a hill overlooking the whole Bay of Naples and the Sorrento-Amalfi Coast.

Breathtaking view is guarateed!!!

The Mediterranean Garden

The whole property is surrounded by a 3,500 sqm. luxuriant garden. This means that our guests have plenty of space to enjoy in total privacy and relax.


Our Rooms & Suites

The hotel was built at the beginnings of the XX century as a private mansion. Being listed, Villa Marina still maintains today the original architectural layout: a Caprese architecture which reminds the spontaneous Mediterranean architecture, characterised by arches and vaults.

Add to this that every room and suite has its own decor and style and you will get an idea of the hotel unique feel.

Cerio Pool Suite


Villa Marina’s Ziqu Terrace Restaurant: a wooden terrace built under a traditional Caprese pergolato overlooking the sea.

The Ziqu Terrace Restaurant is the right place for those who want to savour our Ingredient Based Cuisine. A cuisine that originally combines Italian and Caprese culinary tradition with innovation. And it is made only of local, seasonal, original ingredients.

What about vegetables and fruit? Well, we grow them in our garden.


The Pool Area and the STAI SPA

A Giò Ponti-designed-tiles pool located on a terrace that resembles a ship bow cutting through the sea. What’s better to enjoy the sun while savouring one of our cocktails or the Ziqu Terrace Restaurant’s Pool menu?

Pool Area

But that’s not the only pool we’ve got. We also have ad indoor jacuzzi pool, which is part of our STAI SPA. ‘Stai’ is the Italian word used as an invitation to stay, live the moment, feel home.

This is a cozy SPA featuring a beauty salon, two treatments rooms, sauna, steam room, showers and a small fitness area – other than the pool.

So, the strategic location, wonderful Mediterranean garden, the rooms and suites’ original decor, style and architecture, the flavours and colours of the Ziqu Terrace Restaurant’s Ingredient Based Cuisine, the atmosphere of the Pool Area and the STAI SPA.


The recipe for the perfect Holiday!!!