Unconventional Capri. The story we love to tell


Capri is such a multifaceted place that cannot be compressed under one single label. Capri certainly means fashion, glamour, nightlife, fine gastronomy. Speaking of Capri, the myth of La Dolce Vita pops into our mind.

However, there is a different versione of Capri. A more subterranean, intimate narrative that we call Unconventional Capri and we love to tell.


This version involves that subtle, yet dense atmosphere that the early XIX century travellers discovered and fell in love with.

Whether in the shading colours of Autumn and Winter or in the bright Spring and Summer light, everyone who landed on the island rocky shores found a place to pursue the kind of life that they could not live in their homelands.

Such compelling stories of love, rebellion, passion and deep cultural and scientific research left an indelible mark. A mark that is sometimes engraved in the very heart of the rocks of Capri.


One of such marks is ‘La Casa Solitaria’ (The Solitary House). The House was built at the beginnings of the XIX century and was home to the writer Compton Mackenzie and his wife Faith.

Mackenzie is the author of two important books: ‘Extraordinary Women’ and ‘Vestal Fire’. These books recounts the extravagant and avant-garde world of the foreign inhabitants of the island, emphasising the central role played by women.

The house was designed by Edwin Cerio, one of the most prominent personalities who live in Capri. One of Villa Marina most beautiful suites, the Cerio Pool Suite, is also named after Cerio.

Cerio Pool Suite

So, follow us to discover more about the Unconventional Capri!!!