Capri, a place of Irreality and Pleasure


“An air of irreality hung about the place. Could this be an island? A veritable island of rocks and vineyards and houses — this pallid apparition?

This is what Norman Douglas writes about Nepenthe, as a ferry from Naples approaches it, in ht opening pages of his novel “South Wind”.

Nepenthe is, of course, the fantasy name of Capri. The air of irreality the island shows from the sea reflects the motley environment created by its foreigner community. A community, the New Yorker recounts, of “silly heiresses and disgraced aristocrats, misfits and remittance men in search of love and pleasure in the name of personal fulfillment”.


From literature to cinema, Capri has alway inspired a sense of being a diverse place. A sort of an oasis of transgression where people have the chance to fulfil what cannot be fulfilled in their original hometowns and cities.

A kind of an escape where to pursue love, artistic ambitions, eclectic lifestyles, plot coup d’état.

This atmosphere, the story of such community is what Villa Marina tells, from the design of its rooms and suites to the places that were dwelled by its extravagant members. We will our guests to discovering of the houses they inhabited, the paths they traversed, making them see Capri as they saw it.

We like to think of this as the discovery of the Unconventional Capri.