Speaking about Tradition and Innovation: Risotto alla Pizzaiola


Stuffed Peppers. A traditional dish of the Neapolitan cuisine.

Now, what if we just transformed this recipe into something new and unusual? What if, to use some sort of of a professional jargon, we de-structured it and add to it something more? Rice for example?

We would obtain ‘Risotto alla Pizzaiola’: à la Pizzaiola Risotto. That’s the product of our Executive Chef, Manuele Cattaruzza, inventiveness and creativity.

As he always does, Chef Cattaruzza starts from tradition to go beyond tradition without betraying the principles of his Ingredients Based Cuisine: simple, original, fine ingredients.

In fact, the rice Chef Cattaruzza employs is Vialone Nano rice, which is produced by Riserva San Massimo. The rice is then mixed and flavoured with all the ingredients that are normally used to make stuffed peppers.

There is no need to say that the ingredients we serve are the ingredients we ourselves grow.