Ziqù Terrace Restaurant. Simplicity is key


Ziqù Terrace Restaurant’s cuisine truly reflects the philosophy of Villa Marina Capri Hotel & SPA.

This philosophy we call ‘Pure Capri’, that is to say Capri as it once was. Dining at the Ziqù means feeling the scent, the flavours and the atmosphere of Capri island.


And it cannot be otherwise. The Ziqù is a traditional caprese pergola covered with flowers overlooking the sea. The view from here is the most romantic pictures one can get: the outline of Mount Vesuvius and the Sorrento-Amalfi Coast reflecting in the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Naples.

Being not crowded with too many tables, but being surrounded by a 3,500 sqm. garden, the restaurant grants privacy and tranquillity. Thus, it makes the perfect spot for intimante dinners.

The cuisine we serve is an original blend of tradition and innovation conceived by our Executive Chef Manuele Cattaruzza. We call it Ingredient Based Cuisine, for it relies on the primacy of local, seasonal, authentic ingredients.

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