Mindfulness at Villa Marina. For the Perfect Well-being Holiday


Villa Marina Capri Hotel & SPA. A far from the crowd place above the Mediterranean Sea for those who want to spend moments of absolute relax surrounded by an elegant, yet informal atmosphere.

Guest wellness, happiness and tranquillity, especially after the recent events that shook the world, is our mission. To fulfil such mission and make our guests live a total well-being experience, Villa Marina thought of something new for the 2020 season: Mindfulness!


Relying on the widely acknowledged expertise of Dr. Luigi Lavorgna (neurologist at AOU – University of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’, and Ph.D in Neuroscience, who got dozens of scientific works published and took part as speaker to more than 80 global conferences), Villa Marina Capri will be the place where to practice such an innovative discipline.

What does exactly Mindfulness mean? As Dr. Lavorgna explains, mindfulness is not actually a practice, but rather a state of mind. In fact, mindfulness is not something that one does. It is about a set of physical and psychological exercises to do in order to reach a state of inner pece and harmony.

Mindfulness helps manage stress and reduce anxiety, Dr. Lavorgna continues, increasing psycho-physical wellness through acceptance of and adaptation to the context, as well as the ability to live the present moment.


Results in terms of wellness are such that Mindfulness is now an integral part of the training programs NASA and ESA astronauts need to undergo.

Covid-19 has resulted into a very traumatic event for many people all around the world. The answer to such a traumatic event cannot be but scientific, Dr. Lavorgna says. Here comes mindfulness.

Dr. Lavorgna will be based at Villa Marina twice a week. Our guests will have the chance to benefit from a complimentary medical consultation to get their psycho-physical condition ascertained and, should they wish so, be prescribed the training program to follow to regain inner balance, and be able to enjoy a state of harmony and well-being.

So, follow our magazine, for more is to come about Mindfulness and Villa Marina Capri Hotel & SPA.