Beef Tartare, Burrata, Basil Sauce, Crisp Egg. Blending the Chef’s roots and Southern flavours

Ziqù Terrace Restaurant

Beef Tartare, Burrata cheese, Basil sauce, Crisp Egg.

At first, it might seem an odd combination of ingredients. Yet, it perfectly expresses the essence of our Executive Chef‘s cuisine.

Ingredients rule. As with all the dishes prepared by Mr. Manuele Cattaruzza, this one is made of few ingredients, as rarely treated so that they can speak for themselves.


These are very simple ingredients of Italian gastronomical tradition. One might say they pertain to different traditions: the Northern one and the Southern one.

And it is true. While the beef tartare conveys Chef Cattaruzza’s roots, the burrata cheese and basil sauce evoke Southern influences. This dish is therefore, conceived as a way of bringing the two traditions together in an innovative fashion

Bon appétit!!!