Villa Marina. A Safe Haven overlooking the Sea

Villa Marina Capri

According to a recent article published on Forbes, air travel is becoming safer and safer; while travel agents and tour operators all over the world agree that Italy is the place to be this forthcoming summer.

In such context, Villa Marina Capri Hotel & SPA truly is one of the safest places in Capri island and the surroundings.

In fact, the architectural layout of the hotel itself allows by default the respect of such rules as social distancing.


Thus, guests will feel no sense of constraint, nor they’ll feel any pressure or stress to abide rules whose respect the hotel guarantees automatically thanks to the organization of its spaces and public areas.

To give some examples:

The rooms

Half of the hotel’s rooms have their own separated entrance from the garden. What is more, all of them feature a pretty much large and comfortable terrace, which most of the times overlooks the sea and the Sorrento-Amalfi coast.

Here our guests can have their breakfast, lunch and dinner arranged. Just imagine what would look like to have a candle light romantic dinner on a private terrace overlooking the Bay of Naples and the marvellous Mediterranean garden!!!

Villa Marina Capri

The garden

Villa Marina Capri Hotel & SPA is entirely surrounded by a 3,500 sqm. Mediterranean Garden. Here our guests can spend moment of pure relax just laying in the sun, reading, listening to some music or enjoying a tasty cocktail in total isolation.


The dining areas

The Ziqù Terrace Restaurant, the Pergola Restaunt, the Rosegardens. Being located in different areas of the garden, the Ziqù, Pergola and Rosegardens are where our guests can have breakfast, lunch or dinner respecting social distancing automatically and in a totally safe environment.


The Rosegardens are made of two traditional pergolas entirely covered with roses. These are private, esclusive places that guarantee absolute privacy and intimacy.