Cerio Pool Suite. The Quintessence of Capri

Cerio Pool Suite

Cerio Pool Suite. A place that deeply embodies the very essence of Capri island.

This suite beautifully conveys an idea of beauty that combines elegance and simplicity. Despite Capri is renowned as a global destination for glamorous lifestyle, such combination is the very distinctive trait of the island aesthetic.

Cerio Pool Suite

Cerio is a 2 level, 50 sqm. suite featuring two ample terraces – both of them overlooking the Gulf of Naples and the Sorrento-Amalfi Coast.

The first is located on the first floor. Just imagine what would be like having breakfast or a romantic dinner here with the vision of hotel’s luxuriant garden and the Mediterranean Sea unfolding right in front of your eyes.

Cerio Pool Suite

The other one is on the second floor and is equipped with a heated plunge pool where you may want to relax while enjoying a some tasty finger food cooked by our Chef.

The entire design is inspired to Edwin Cerio, one of the leading intellectuals that spent most of his life on the island, leaving a deep mark in her history and identity.

Everything you will find in this room will tells you something of what Capri was like at the beginning of the XX century – the time when the myth of Capri was actually built.

The Cerio Pool Suite is all about Capri and embodies the real spirit of such a unique place.