A 3 Days Itinerary to discover the magic of Capri Island

Capri, Panorama

Capri. An island full of wonders and beauty to discover. Plenty of places to see and experiences to live. Here is a short 3 days itinerary to enjoy during your holidays.

Day 1 – Relax in the town’s centre

You’ve just arrived on the island. Maybe the trip stressed you out a little bit and you don’t want to worry about anything. So, why not enjoy a nice and easy stroll in the lively Capri town centre?

You may want to walk down via Camerelle, Capri’s fancy high street, and then Via Tragara and get to the stunning belvedere overlooking the majestic Faraglioni and Marina Piccola Bay.

Or you may just want to sit and relax in one of the many outdoor bars of the famous Piazzetta and savour a tasty local aperitif – which is an even more relaxing thing to do.

Capri, Piazzetta

What about dinner? Anything you desire you can get, whether it is some traditional food under the lemon trees, or gourmet cuisine or even a combination of them.

Day 2 – Enjoy the island’s crystal clear blue waters and live the crazy night-life

Capri is entirely surrounded by crystal clear waters that can be enjoyed in a many different ways. You can rent a sunbed at one of the many exclusive beach clubs, or, if you love to experience a direct relationship with nature you can just choose rocks. There’s a place in Marina Piccola bay known as ‘Torre Saracena’. A beach made of natural rocks you can lie on and experience the kind of atmosphere that ancient Greek colonisers lived almost three thousand years ago.


Would you like to enjoy the spectacle of the sun setting down? Great! Go to the Faro, the Lighthouse, a stunning bay at the extreme south-western corner of the island. A glass of wine is just waiting for you.

Capri, Sunset

What about nightlife? Well, you can have whatever you want. Either it’s a fancy disco club, or a wine bar, or a traditional taverna. Capri nightlife is chic, is folk, is smart. You only have to choose what best suits you.

Day 3 – Discover Capri’s hidden pathways and the island’s surroundings

Rent a traditional boat, the gozzo, or a rubber boat you can drive yourself (it’s actually very funny) and tour the island by sea. Explore all the majestic caves Capri is plenty with and get a direct experience of its magic and mystery. Enter the Blue Grotto and find yourself turning blue as you get into the water.

If you are a trekking lover, just go explore Capri’s hidden pathways and get stunned by extraordinary panoramas. The Fortini path and Pizzolungo are here for you to discover. Alternatively, visit the island’s surroundings such as Amalfi and Positano, or walk the ‘Path of Gods’, a wonderful trail leading to Amalfi from beautiful Agerola.

Positano, Sentiero Dei

Take a journey through the history of Naples, one of the most fascinating and mysterious cities in Europe. Or, if you love to, go thousands years back in time and discover what Pompeii and Herculaneum looked like seconds before Mount Vesuvius erupted.

These are just some of the many things you can do and see in Capri Island. Visit our website and ask our staff to discover more.